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Erin DonleyErin Donley CFCP NTP

Erin. Wife. Mother. Educator. Faithful. New cookbook lover. A little too obsessed with The Crown.

I have always loved nutrition and cooking new recipes. The first year my husband and I were married, I didn’t repeat a recipe once. Crazy I know! Times are different now, though.

Through my own journey of infertility  and chronic hormone dysfunction I have learned how imperative a whole foods based diet is my overall wellbeing. I feel stronger, more vibrant and energetic when I eat plenty of healthful fats, proteins and vegetables. After becoming certified through the Nutritional Therapy Association, I have been able to pull together my personal experiences, self study, and all the tools from the NTA to help those looking to achieve vibrant health.

Teaching women (and couples) from all walks of life about their fertility has brought them fulfilled dreams and peace. Personally charting through the Creighton Model FertilityCare System also highlighted my hormone and inflammation issues in bright red and green so I was able to get the appropriate help I needed to gain greater hormonal health. It also helped me maintain my pregnancy with my daughter.

When working with me you will find a friend that has been there, done that. You will find support and compassion. I even have a private in person group that meets once a month for those looking for some companionship along the journey of infertility. You don’t have to feel alone!

As a RESTART instructor, I get to personally witness the extremely fast & positive health changes participants make during the 5 week program. Confidence is built, greater knowledge is gained and new friendships are formed during RESTART. This group is perfect for anyone that has tried and failed at many diet plans and feels that just can’t do one more program.

Call or text me @ (717) 256-1812 today to schedule your free 20 minute consult. I am looking forward to getting to know you!


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